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For Animals Inc.’s foster program provides a safe landing and a chance for cats and kittens to experience life in a home before adoption. Living in a cage is stressful and fostering provides an opportunity for cats to become accustomed to the sights and sounds of a cozy indoor life. This not only helps them to thrive and trust, but also makes it more likely that they will acclimate quickly and easily once adopted.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of animals need a foster home?
  • Kittens under 2 months old
  • Mom cats with nursing kittens
  • Cats with medical conditions or injuries
  • Special needs cats
  • Cats who are languishing in the shelter environment and need love and attention
I live in a small apartment. Will the cat be unhappy?
  • Cats coming from a shelter environment will think your place is an absolute palace. Provide stimulation with toys, a nice window view, and a warm bed, and they will be thrilled.
  • Shy cats will be very scared at first and actually prefer a very small space to acclimate. A bathroom will do just fine! You can create a little base camp for them and that’s all you need.
Can I foster if I have a companion animal of my own?


  • Absolutely! We will happily support you with introductions
  • We will talk through any concerns that you have with bringing a new animal into your home
What is the time commitment?
  • We ask for at least a minimum of a 6-week commitment, but ideally, you will take care of the cat until they are adopted
    Adoption rates vary and we unfortunately cannot predict how quickly a cat might be adopted.
  • If you are unable to foster after your initial commitment period, don’t worry, please simply inform us as soon as possible so that we can find a suitable new placement for the cat.
What support will I receive?
  • You will be connected with an experienced volunteer who will provide guidance and support throughout
What expenses are involved?
  • Fosters provide housing, food, litter, socialization, and lots of love
  • We provide medical care.

How does fostering save lives?

Fostering cats frees up space in shelters for other animals in need.

Our shelter space is small and not open to the public. It primarily serves as a space for cats to recover from their spay/neuter surgeries and illness before returning to their outdoor homes. We hold some crates open for cats or kittens who might be friendly or open to human interaction, but we cannot do so indefinitely. One of the hardest parts of our work is returning a friendly cat outdoors because they have nowhere to go.

It is not in the cats’ best interest to remain in a crate for a long period of time. Shelter environments can be stressful for cats and dangerous for young kittens. Young kittens who are too small for vaccination are especially vulnerable because they can be exposed to illnesses too powerful for their undeveloped immune systems. Cats that have been too long in the shelter start to show signs of major stress and depression. One of the hardest parts of rescue work is returning friendly cats outside because there is simply nobody who will step up for them and no space in the shelter.

The more foster homes we have available, the more cats we can save, and the more cats we can bring indoors.

Fostering makes the cat more likely to be adopted.


  • Fostering helps the cat develop social skills and adjust to domestic life.
  • Fostering helps us assess the cat’s personality and needs, leading to more successful adoptions.
  • All the cute photos and videos you take of your foster baby help us promote them on social media so they can find their forever family.

How to Become a Foster

Step 1 : Application

Please complete the Foster Application and email it to us at  . We are happy to talk further about what it means to foster. Please feel free to email us with questions and check out a few faqs here.

Step 2 : Home safety check

A volunteer will complete a home safety check over Zoom or another virtual platform after your initial application is reviewed.

Step 3 : Connecting with a Cat

If everything is in order with the home check, we may schedule a call to discuss which cat might be the right foster kitty for you.  We usually suggest a cat, or maybe two, who need fosters and discuss what is a good fit. Cats awaiting foster are likely to be in the shelter or with a rescuer.

Step 4: Make it official

Should you decide to move forward following the meet and greet, the team will complete your reference check and give final clearance. You will then receive the foster contract

Step 5: Bring ’em home

Once you have made it official, we will work out the logistics of the transfer at your earliest convenience. We will be there to support you as your new family member acclimates and meets other animals in your home. 

Please see Cat Parent Prep & Welcome Home Guide  for helpful information on your newly adopted cat.

We greatly appreciate your patience during this process!

Ready to save a life?

We want to make sure your new foster furrbaby is the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. Our volunteers and foster parents know the personality and disposition of our cats, and will help you find the right match.

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Cat Care

Getting ready for a new foster baby? see our Cat Parent Preparation Guide for tips on getting your home ready for your new companion.