A Working Cat

Would you like to save the life of a cat while also having a natural solution to deterring rodents from your barn, winery, studio, greenhouse, workspace, or place of worship?

Consider the adoption of a “working” cat!

There are as many as half a million feral cats living outside in New York City. Some are “feeder friendly” meaning that they are a bit more accustomed to human contact. Many of these cats are living in deplorable, unsafe conditions. 

If you have a space in need of natural rodent control, you can deter pests and save a life at the same time.

Working Cats are Great for



places of worship



When you adopt a working cat from For Animals Inc

What you provide
  • safe, enclosed spaces with natural light and ventilation.
  • veterinary care to your feline “employees.”
  • food, water and shelter year-round

What you get

  • a non-toxic natural solution to keeping rodents away

  • to save a life!
  • a cat that is spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines

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      Saving Lives

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