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Introducing a New Cats to the your Household


What is Single Kitten Syndrome?

There’s a reason why shelters insist that kittens
under 7 months old should be adopted in pairs & even an older kitten/adult cat is better off with another friendly cat. Because Single-Kitten Syndrome/ Single-Cat Syndrome is a proven reality.

If you adopt only one kitty she/he can develop
aggressive behaviors (known as Tarzan Syndrome) become anxious, stressed, neurotic – caused by the anxiety, boredom & loneliness of being the sole kitty.

Although some cats do enjoy being the only feline in the house, kittens develop better socialization skills, sleeping patterns, litter habits & overall experience a smoother transition into their new home life if they have other cats to learn from and grow with.


Music specially composed for felines are very effective in calming your new companion animal whether (s)he is in a foster home or forever home. One of the best resources out there, widely covered by respectable media including The New York Times is National Symphony Orchestra soloist David Teie’s Music for Cats:

Play it for your kitties….we have seen this work magic quite effectively on all our felines.

Here’re a few samples directly from Teie’s youtube channel: here and here

more playlists of interst:



Yes! There certainly exists a channel called Cat TV. And it works amazingly well!!! Keeps your feline companions engaged and occupied while filling the room with calming sounds of garden fountains and chirping birds. Several hours of “tv” they can watch, relax and be stimulated by. 

Paul Dinning is the specialist in this area and you can see his youtube playlist here:

playlist 1

playlist 2


A very informative video/talk from last autumn conducted by the National Kitten Coalition ( providing several important tips and guidelines on how to socialize feral and semi-feral kittens:

You can always reach out to For Animals’ Director and volunteers to get more information, guidance and helpful suggestions on how to have the optimal relation with your companion animal(s) and provide them with loving, compatible and comfortable homes. 

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

For Animals is dedicated to eliminating companion animal homelessness, engaging our larger community as vital and active participants in this shared social and ethical responsibility, and providing that community with the resources and education necessary to achieve these goals together.

Our Vision

The vision of For Animals is a New York City metropolitan area in which: 

  • the everyday decisions and actions of society at large reflect and promote all animals’ right to a safe and healthy life. 
  • Trap-Neuter-Return resources are widely accessible and actively utilized by community members in all five boroughs. 
  • the importance of spaying/neutering companion animals and the humane treatment of every animal are core values upheld by all citizens of the city. 
  • adopting companion animals from no-kill shelters is considered the norm among current and prospective pet owners. 
  • public-intake shelters no longer euthanize healthy or treatable animals for want of funds or living space. 
  • no companion animal is ever born into, nor abandoned to, homelessness for any reason.