My cat has a urinary tract problem. Now what?

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If your cat has urinating outside the litter box, the first thing to do is rule out a medical cause. Urinary tract infections, crystals in the urine and bladder inflammation can all cause inappropriate elimination. The best way to prevent feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is to feed strictly wet food that is primarily protein (several brands have a “95%” line or the label indicates 95% meat), and avoid fish in your cat’s diet. FLUTD can lead to urinary tract obstruction, also known as a blockage, which can be deadly within 24-48 hours in male cats. If your cat is straining to urinate or making frequent trips to the litter box without producing urine, this is a medical emergency requiring immediate veterinary attention.

If a medical cause for your cat’s inappropriate urination has been ruled out, see “Common Behavior Problems In Cats” above.

More information about your cat’s urinary tract health is available from

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