I just adopted my first cat/kitten and I am clueless!

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First thing’s first: DON’T PANIC! Your new friend will most likely be nervous, agitated or scared, so it is important for you to remain calm. When you bring your new cat or kitten home for the first time, prepare a room to take her to. This room should be quiet and closed-off from the rest of the home. This will allow your new cat to adapt to you and your home without the overwhelming task of a whole house (or other pets) to take in.

You should have in this room:

  • A litter box
  • Food and water
  • A comfortable bed (a soft blanket in a box will do nicely – cats don’t discriminate!)
  • A small selection of toys

Place the litter box as far away from the food and water as possible, as cats do not eliminate where they eat. Most cats are naturally inclined to use any grainy surface to relieve themselves, but it is helpful to place your cat or kitten near or into the litter box so she knows exactly where it is. Let your new cat stay in this room for a few days before introducing her to the rest of the home. If you have other pets, especially other cats, you will need to take it slower. (See below for details about pet introductions.)

More information about bringing your new cat home is available from the Humane Society.

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