Our Adoption Process

Our Adoption Process 

If you are interested in one of our adoptable animals here’s an outline of the adoption process.

1. Apply to adopt: All potential adopters must complete the Adoption Application (click for editable PDF) to ensure that we can help you find the best match for your home. Email your completed application to  ForAnimalsNYC@gmail.com  and  ForAnimalsIncNYC@gmail.com (Note: Since a few of you ask, there is NO fee to apply.)

If you’re only fostering, you can complete the Foster Application and email it to us at ForAnimalsNYC@gmail.com  (cc ForAnimalsIncNYC@gmail.com )  Questions about fostering? Email us, or check out a few helpful handouts here.

2. Meet the animals: Once your application is approved, we will invite you to meet the cat you are interested in at our shelter, a foster home, or our next adoption event. COVID-19 UPDATE: Many meetings are now virtual e-meets when the cat is being fostered. However, since late 2021, many fosters also allow in-person meets. The majority of our cats and kittens are in foster homes. (For the shelter-space in Queens, approved adopters can meet by appointment. All safety-protocols must be followed. Our Adoption Alcove in Park Slope inside NYC Pet closed when the store closed.) As well, starting 2022, we’ve been conducting Adoption Events (follow the link) where you can meet some of the adoptable kitties

3. Make it official: Following the meet/e-meet if you decide to move forward, all approved adopters must fill out an adoption contract. There is a $150 adoption fee per cat and kitten*, which covers part of our cost for the vaccinations, tests and spay/neuter, while allowing us to continue rescuing animals in need. The fee can be paid online here.

4. Bring ’em home: After you’ve made it official, you will be able to take your new cat home at your earliest convenience. We will provide you with fact sheets about caring for your cat and facilitating introductions with other animals in your home.

See the Resources section for helpful information on your newly adopted cat.

Please Note: If you haven’t heard back from us within twelve to fourteen days after your initial e-mail, please be advised that your application is not under consideration. Due to the large volume of applications, emails, texts and calls we receive, we cannot respond to each inquiry individually at all times when an application is not approved. Applications are also processed on a first-come-first-serve basis in the order in which they were received, so your patience is appreciated.  Thank you for your understanding.

There are no paid employees at For Animals, Inc.  All the people who help out are a small group of volunteers who do this along with their regular jobs. We try to respond and process as quickly as we can.

While some of our volunteers are engaged in correspondence, answering questions and reference checks, all final decisions regarding the adoption are taken by the shelter founder/director.

If a cat from our shelter is not a good fit, we encourage you to adopt from other rescues and shelters, including the ACC (where many animals often end up on a kill-list if not adopted). Thank you again and remember to always #AdoptDontShop to help alleviate companion-animal homelessness. 

* At times, when kittens too young to be altered are adopted, adopters may opt to get the spay/neuter + vaccinations done by their own family vet. But they still pay the adoption fees. Conversely, should an adopter decide to go to the shelter’s designated vet clinic for the spay/neuter/vaccination for kittens, the fee covers that in advance. The choice of vet is yours. Either way, the fee needs to be paid at the time of adoption.

A playlist of some of our adoptable kitties


Note: Bud in the video below has been adopted. The video has been kept up just for his cuteness 😀


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