Miki and Mindi’s Story

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On a brisk Nov afternoon we found a colony of cats and kittens in Queens surviving without the basics — no shelter, very little food and of course no medical care. Huddled together on the concrete without even a blanket for them to lay on, they were laying on each other for warmth. When they saw us approach they scattered, but one little boy did not know what to do and we were able to pick him up right away. This was Miki and he was blind.

Mindi and Miki when rescued from a feral colony (top) and recovering from surgery (bottom)

We were eventually able to rescue all the kittens in the colony and gave them warmth, comfort and safety for the first time in their short lives. But Miki and his sister Mindi’s eyes were in very bad condition and we were afraid they both would be permanently blind. Despite of the fact that Miki was feeling discomfort and could hardly see anything he remained unbelievably sweet and playful, purring upon hearing volunteers’ voices and romping around with the other kittens from the colony. With the right medical care and TLC they seemed to be improving by the day.

Mindi’s eyes improved greatly but Miki’s left eye suddenly began deteriorating and had to be removed. With the help of our supporters (huge thanks to all of them) we were able to quickly raise funds for Miki’s surgery which he had in mid-December. He was just 2.2lbs and we were worried he might not survive but even with treatment his eye was so infected it was putting his life at risk. Mindi accompanied her baby brother for his hospital stay for comfort and surgery was completed without a hitch. When the pair returned to our shelter 2 days later it was an incredible scene — they were so happy to greet and play with all their friends again!

Now fully recovered from surgery, spayed, neutered and vaccinated, Miki and Mindi are ready for their forever home and after all they’ve been through, they really deserve it! No matter how much troubles life gave them when they were just small babies, they are happy and grateful for what they have. They both are true love bugs waiting to warm your heart! All they want is to be loved, no doubt you will get much more love in return!

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