Home for the Holidays

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A Journey From Street Cats to Lap Cats

Brooklyn and Walter

The boys and their adopter settled in to their cozy NYC apartment

New York, New York–Frank Sinatra tells us that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. While this may be true for many, some of the shine comes off the Big Apple when you are forced to call the cold, lonely streets of Brooklyn home.

That’s exactly what a rough-and-tumble pair of streets cats, Brooklyn and Walter, were forced to do for almost ten years. In mid-2013 the boys finally caught a break when their caretaker of many years chanced to meet a volunteer at For Animals, Inc. Though allergic to cats, the caretaker, whose efforts to find them a home had yet to succeed, had always provided them with ample food, fresh water, and clean shelters.

As you can imagine, though, ten years on the street was a long stretch for the pair, and with another cold, snowy New York winter approaching, it became clear that unless the boys were rescued, that winter might be their last. It was time for Brooklyn and Walter to wake up in the city that never slept… but in a warm, loving home.

In a team effort involving the caretaker, For Animals volunteers, and a local animal hospital, Brooklyn and Walter came in from the cold. A dedicated veterinary team examined the boys head to toe: matted fur was clipped and cleaned, filthy nails trimmed, and treatment for respiratory infections administered. Both of these survivors were already neutered, but they needed to have all of their teeth removed due to painfully inflamed gums and decayed teeth. All these procedures, and their ongoing care and boarding, were covered by donations from For Animals, Inc. supporters.

Finding a forever home, or even a foster home, for the inseparable Brooklyn and Walter proved a tough job, however, even though they charmed everybody they met. The volunteers at For Animals did their very best, bringing them to numerous adoption events and running campaigns via Facebook, email, and their foster and adoptive networks. Months and months later, though, these efforts turned up not a single lead.

Nevertheless, the boys developed a steady stream of admirers and visitors, allowing them plenty of play time outside their cages. As winter settled in, a “Home for the Holidays” campaign seemed like a great idea to promote the boys. A snazzy photo on Facebook of the two in Dickensian finery in front of a Christmas tree drew a potential adopter at last. Having just lost her senior cat in recent months, she knew exactly what Brooklyn and Walter needed and decided to foster the boys for a short period of time. However, after only 48 hours a happy “foster failure” situation ensured that at long last the boys were not only home for the holidays, but home for good!

From the harsh streets to a cozy apartment in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Walter are now full-time indoor, forever-homed cats with all the creature comforts a kitty could want. And now, when Brooklyn and Walter wake up every day in the city that never sleeps, they wake up knowing that each day will be even better than the one before.

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