For Animals' rescue kitten Rosalind with her foster dad.


  1. Select the appropriate form below
  2. Fill out the form by typing directly into the form fields
  3. Save the completed form to your computer
  4. Send the form as an attachment to the appropriate email address below

To apply to adopt: Download the Application to Adopt – an editable PDF. Email the completed application to and about the adoption process? Click HERE)

To apply to foster: Download the Application to Foster.  Email the completed application to (A few helpful brochures on fostering can be viewed on our Resources page)

If your Application to Adopt or Foster has been approved: Download the Adoption Contract or the Foster Contract and email the completed contract to  and 

[Please read the Note at the end of this page, if you haven’t heard back from us.]

To volunteer with For Animals: Download the Volunteer Application and email the completed application to our Volunteer Coordinator at  and . To know more about volunteer roles, check out our Volunteer section.

Rosalind Feline Franklin - successful foster and adoptee

* NOTE: If you have filled out an application to adopt and have not heard back from us within ten to fourteen days after your initial e-mail, please be advised that your application is not under consideration. Due to the large volume of applications, emails, texts and calls we receive, we cannot respond to each inquiry individually at all times when an application is not approved. Applications are also processed on a first-come-first-serve basis in the order in which they were received, so your patience is appreciated.  

Thank you for your understanding.

There are no paid employees at For Animals, Inc.  All the people who help out are a small group of volunteers who do this along with their regular jobs. We try to respond and process as quickly as we can.

While some of our volunteers are engaged in correspondence, answering questions and reference checks, all final decisions regarding the adoption are taken by the shelter founder/director.

If a cat from our shelter is not a good fit, we encourage you to adopt from other rescues and shelters, and you can find a complete list in our Contact page. Thank you again and remember to always #AdoptDontShop to help alleviate animal homelessness. 


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