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Diego needs help with recovery of his surgery costs

May 3, 2021

Our current fundraiser

We rely on donations such as yours to continue our life-saving work 365 days a year done by our small group of dedicated volunteers. Please help us help the innocent and the defenseless. Your help and compassion are needed now more than ever. 

Help us recover Diego’s surgery costs: Little Diego was found by one of our volunteers in East New York around March 25, 2021. He was walking around looking for food. From the wounds on his body and his scrawny appearance, it was obvious he’d led a hard life on the streets. When she took him to be fixed, the veterinarian said he had entropion trichiasis. The condition is painful, so we scheduled him for corrective surgery as soon as possible. See his story in the video above and visit this link below to donate:

Any amount helps! Thank you for your support! 

Happy Spring from For Animals!

April 1, 2021

Happy Spring from @foranimslinc 🌸🌿Check out our many adoptable companion-animals on our ADOPT page!
You may see several dogs there too.
The cats are our rescues, the dogs are courtesy posts for a rescuer we help and their adoption process is completely handled by her. All these adorable dogs were rescued from a Korean dog-meat market and we so hope they get loving homes, as opposed to the horrific end they’d have faced otherwise.

Fundraiser for Dice to save his life

March 17, 2021

Our current fundraiser

We rely on donations such as yours to continue our life-saving work 365 days a year done by our small group of dedicated volunteers. Please help us help the innocent and the defenseless. Your help and compassion are needed now more than ever. 

A second chance at life for Dice: Sweet little Dice was rescued from the streets last November by one of our volunteers Martha at 5 weeks old and was placed with a loving foster. Read his story, his struggle with FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis) and  the life-saving treatment for which we need your support to save his life. 

The Adoption Space in Brooklyn is open once again!

March 14, 2021. Meow & Happy Pi Day! Just a note to say that our storefront adoption space inside NYC Pet at 218 5th Ave, Brooklyn, is open again. Cats arrived there – and seems even by the time we’re placing this post – are already getting adopted!
Adoptions are continuing and carrying on as usual online & through foster homes of course, as usual.

A small Winter Break at our Brooklyn Adoption Center

February 16, 2021. Meow & Hello! Just a note to say that our storefront adoption center inside NYC Pet at 218 5th Ave, Brooklyn, is on a small winter break. Cats will be back in March there.
Adoptions are continuing and carrying on as usual online & through foster homes.

For those wanting to adopt, check our website at, and also our Facebook and Instagram feeds @foranimalsinc. If you see a kitty you would like to meet, or you want to discuss options, please visit our Adoption Process page and follow the instructions to complete and return our application. Thank you

Be My Kitty-Valentine!

February 14, 2021. There’s no love more innocent or unconditional than that given by a devoted companion-animal. Here are a few of our kitties seeking #furverhomes who are sending you their love on Valentine’s Day!


If you’d like to adopt any of these kitties – please check out our adoption process! #loveisloveislove


2021 Marks 20 Years since For Animals’ Inception!

February 3, 2021.

2021 marks 20 (that’s right TWENTY!!!) YEARS since forming “For Animals” and today, Feb 3 is For Animals’ founder Theresa’s birthday! Happy Birthday Theresa @theresabachu and Happy 20th Anniversary from all of us – humans and animals alike – at @foranimalsinc! Your courage and fortitude truly made a difference to the lives of thousands of innocents. Here’s to more empathy, compassion and fighting for the voiceless. 


Happy New Year 2021!

January 1, 2021. Dear friends and supporters, Wishing you all a Healthy, Safe, Hopeful New Year.

For those who have believed in us, adopted from us, fostered for us, supported and helped us, and have always wished us well, we thank you with all our hearts as do ALL the thousands of kittens and cats and other random animals that @foranimalsinc has rescued, sheltered and saved through the years. Here’s to 2021!

Greetings from a few of our shelter old-timers and regulars – including Griffin, Summer and Creamsicle – who’d love to find their #fureverhome and are up for adoption. Thank you all – dear supporters, volunteers, friends and your families. We love you! [Video shot by our wonderful volunteer Feargal Halligan. Edited by our dedicated volunteer Maddy who has worked extra-hard & with no break this and last year with all its continued challenges. Music usage – thanks to regular foster-parent/adopter/musician/scientist Dave Johnson]

#adoptdontshop #rescuedismyfavoritebreed  #rescuecatsrock #goodbye2020hello2021 #newyearseve #newyork

Remember Me Thursday

September 24, 2020. For Animals is joining some 650 animal organizations from around 200 countries again for #remembermethursday. In memorium to the ones who passed away at FA. 😿
Remember – we are a no-kill shelter and do everything in our capacity to make sure our rescues find good homes. But every year in America’s shelters, over a million cats are killed simply because they don’t have safe places to call home.

(Click on a thumbnail to enlarge)

Find out more about #remembermethursday by visiting the organization’s page at

Light a virtual candle in memory of your furry family member

Remember Me Thursday® aims to unite individuals and animal adoption organizations around the world to be an unstoppable, integrated voice for orphan pets in need of forever homes.

Now going into its eighth year, Remember Me Thursday® aims to unite individuals and animal adoption organizations around the world to be an unstoppable, integrated voice for orphan pets in need of forever homes. 

Support us directly:

#adoptdontshop🐾 #nyccatadoptions #brooklyncatadoption #queenscatadoption #fosteringsaveslives #remembermethursday #rememberme #seethelight


Our Tribute to RBG

September 18, 2020. #Restinpower Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”


Feargal’s Felines

September 9, 2020. FEARGAL’S FELINES: Starting today 9/9 as a play on the proverbial 9 lives of cats, we will feature a photo on the second or third Wednesday of every month – taken by one of our dedicated volunteers, Feargal Halligan – who’d moved to Brooklyn from Ireland a decade back and is a visual artist & designer. You may have seen several of FH’s cat close-ups & portraits on our website & in some of our videos and we’re grateful for all his help at FA’s shelter. He has a very distinctive style and we believe he is able to capture a cat’s “personality” like no other.

To view his cat-portraits – visit our Facebook or Instagram pages and look for the hashtag #FeargalsFelines

Our Autumn 2020 Fundraiser kicks off today!

Our current fundraiser  September 3, 2020. Please help us save the innocent. We have not let the pandemic stop us from rescuing the most disenfranchised, the abandoned and the defenseless. Despite great challenges we continue our rescue and TNR work. Your help today can save lives. 

Please watch the video to see Sage’s sad saga…and a few other examples of how your kindness transforms lives.

Our Autumn fundraiser:

We rely on donations such as yours to continue our life-saving work 365 days a year. Any amount helps! Please feel free to enter a custom amount. Thank you for your support! 

Sage had surgery today!

August 20, 2020. Sage is one brave mom-cat who put everything at stake for her little surviving baby. A dedicated For Animals’ volunteer helped her with a harrowing rescue, first saving her and then her baby. FA’s founder took her in for her surgery on August 20, 2020 for her broken and damaged front paw, which she used to walk on painfully during her life on the streets.

Please join in wishing Sage a speedy recovery!

If you’d like to help us cover the costs of Sage’s surgery and many others like her, please click the blue button:

Sage’s fundraiser

<<  Your kindness makes this possible.



A free webinar on August 5, 2020, on Community Cats

Please register here through this link:

It’s free, and you’ll learn a lot!

Earlier this year, the NYC Feral Cat Initiative, a program of Bideawee, moved its Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) specialty training workshops online. 
On August 5, 2020, they will debut a brand new webinar designed not for experienced Certified TNR Caretakers, but for TNR “mewbies” who may be interested in learning how they can help feral and stray community cats.
Please spread the word to your friends and neighbors about our next webinar!
Community Cats 101
Wednesday, August 5, 2020
5:00–6:00 p.m. ET
Do you want to help stray and feral cats in your community but don’t know where to begin? This webinar will give you an insider’s tour of the world of TNR and community cats, discussing common questions like:
  • Why are there so many cats living outside?
  • What do I do if I find kittens?
  • What do I do if I find a sick or injured community cat?
  • What does a TNR project look like?
  • What is colony care?
  • How can I become part of the TNR/rescue community?

Our August-September fund-raiser is coming soon…. 

The sad saga of Sage and her babies. Coming soon! Any support helps!


Our adoption center at NYC Pet in Park Slope (Brooklyn) re-opens by the end of June 

June 21, 2020. With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions in NYC and the phased re-openings of many services, we’re happy to announce that our adoption center at NYC Pet in Park Slope at 218 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 will re-open shortly.

Our target date for re-opening is Saturday, June 27 and we should be operational by then. (UPDATE: It has re-opened on target and many kitties have already been happily adopted!)
The store hours are currently 9am-7pm Monday-Saturday and 11am-6pm Sunday.

For Animals is joining a Virtual Super Adoption Event

May 20, 2020. During these uncertain times, we’ve been working hard to keep moving full speed ahead and continue to save as many lives as possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with Best Friends Animal Society to participate in their Virtual Super Adoption Event, happening May 27-31. For Animals, Inc will have its adoption link at the event.
This event is the first of its kind, bringing together organizations from across the country with one goal in mind: to help you Find Love Online! 
To apply to adopt one (or two!) of our kitties, please complete our  Application to Adopt or Foster and email it to

P.S. You can ALWAYS find your furry love on our site on our Adoptions page and don’t have to be dependent on third party events.

Our Working Cats Program

Please check out our working cats page for more info:

Brooklyn Collaborative Portraits 

May 10, 2020. The student-artists of Brooklyn Collaborative have kindly offered to make portraits of your companion animals in an effort to raise funds for our rescue group. Our sister-site which will feature the portraits and have more details as the collaboration progresses is  HERE.

After the completion of the internship program of Brooklyn Collaborative’s student-artists, other artists from around the city will continue the project.

It’s simple.

1. You can donate $ 20 via our PayPal giving fund here: 
2. Next, e-mail a photograph of your companion-animal to
3. A portrait created by a student from Brooklyn Collaborative or an independent Volunteer Artist will be sent to you.
4. We will be featuring the portraits of your cats, dogs and other companion-animals on our site and social media, along with your and the artist’s notes. 

If you want to volunteer as an artist:

flyer made by Marcela Castro

Disclaimer: You may get a museum quality portrait, or you may get a stick figure, but be assured, the same amount of care went into each pet’s portrait. 🐱


#FridayFeline Featured For Animals Alumni Fellow series

May 1, 2020. We often get wonderful heartfelt messages even from years past from cat-parents who’ve adopted from us. 🧡 We’ve posted those intermittently through the years – and today, on May 1 – we’ll start our series #FridayFeline Featured #FAA Fellow, where FAA = For Animals Alumni. 😹 

If you’d like to share your kitty-tale – email us at or message us here. We’d love to hear from you! 😺 As well, please note – prior stories of this nature already e-mailed in the past will be featured as well. 

For submissions – limit your photos to a max of 6 photos preferably all square or all rectangular in the same orientation. We will feature these on both our Facebook and Instagram pages – as well as on our blog. While FB doesn’t have a word limit, for Instagram, please limit your “story” to around 250-300 words max. We look forward to your cat-tales!


COVID-19 News


The New York City Emergency Management Department and the Mayor’s Office of Animal Welfare today announced the launch of the NYC COVID-19 Pet Hotline. The Pet Hotline will serve as an information, planning, referral and service coordination hub for NYC residents who need support for their pets during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pet Hotline operators can be reached directly at 877-204-8821, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

The Pet Hotline and supportive services are being provided by the City’s Animal Planning Task Force, which is coordinated by NYC Emergency Management. The Task Force is a collaboration between City agencies and nonprofits. These include the Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, Animal Haven, Animal Care Centers of NYC, Bideawee, American Red Cross, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, NYC VERT, New York State Animal Protection Federation, Best Friends Animal Society, and PAWS NY.

“Pets and service animals are a part of our family, and we want to alleviate any concern associated with having to take care of these family members during these trying times,” said NYC Emergency Management Commissioner Deanne Criswell. “We are thankful to our task force members who have stepped up to help New Yorkers who need this service.”

“This Administration has always understood that animals share our homes, our lives, and are sometimes our closest companions,” said Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit Commissioner Marco A. Carrión. “We must support and plan for all New Yorkers, including four-legged ones, during these times, and we are grateful to all of the animal welfare partners who have stepped up to create the Pet Hotline and provide lifesaving services to animals.”

“During this time of uncertainty and fear, we understand people need the comfort of their companion animals more than ever,” said Christine Kim, Senior Community Liaison for the Mayor’s Office of Animal Welfare. “In order to keep people and their animals together, we have ensured that animals are included in the safety net we have created for all New Yorkers. I thank all of our partners within NYC Emergency Management’s Animal Planning Task Force for stepping up during the COVID-19 crisis to support pets and the people who love them.”

The Pet Hotline will help mitigate people’s questions and concerns about keeping their pets during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as connect callers to pet relief resources such as subsidized emergency veterinary care and food and supply distribution services. For NYC residents with pets requiring a higher level of care, cases will be escalated for coordination of temporary placement or supplemental care of animals. NYC’s COVID-19 pet response plan is the first of its kind in the country.

Please check the link posted above for more.

Our April-May 2020 fund-raiser

For Animals hasn’t let COVID-19 stop our rescue & TNR work despite closure of the ASPCA clinics. Your help today can save lives and keep cats safe & healthy! Please donate and please share. Thank you for your kindness.

UPDATE June 2020: While our Chuffed fund-raiser has ended, we always need help. You can support us through this link:


Upcoming Adoption Events

Update: March 2020 – Changes due to COVID-19: Due to social distancing and other safety guidelines, we are currently not planning on any outdoor or indoor adoption events until the lock-down order is over; and until it is medically safe to hold such events. In the meantime all ‘meetings” with cats are virtual.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you are interested in one of our friendly cats or kittens on our adoption page but are unable to visit our shelter, please contact us and we will arrange how to go about it, whether virtually or in person.

Visit our Facebook page or Instagram for the most up to date news and events.

Or come to our Park Slope location at NYC Pet – 218 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY anytime to see some of our available cats (Update March 2020 – cats and kittens are not currently housed in this location due to Covid-19 restrictions until further notice.

UPDATE: June 27, 2020 – cats and kittens are back in this location after easing of Covid-19 restrictions)


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