Holiday Stories 2013

Laffy Taffy’s Story

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Laffy Taffy and her siblings were rescued by For Animals about 5 years ago. All her brothers and sisters were adopted, except her. She had an allergy and skin problems, and maybe didn’t look as sweet and beautiful as the rest of the kittens. Or maybe, she was just waiting for me… to come from a far away country and meet a For Animals volunteer so I could become a volunteer myself, visit the shelter and finally meet Laffy Taffy. Her name was Barbara, but I was calling her Laffy Taffy, like the Wonka candies. Laffy didn’t let me come close to her for a long time. I would just sit...

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Mona and Hazel’s Story

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As a For Animals volunteer, one of my favorite jobs is working an adoption event. Sometimes we show kitties who haven’t been named yet, and I love christening them with fun and creative names. As I was setting up for an event in October 2011, out of the carrier came three little kittens. I named the tuxedos Salt and Pepper, and the little tortie Cumin. Salt and Pepper were quickly adopted that day; little Cumin, however, was very shy and needed a lot of cuddles. I emailed a photo of her to my husband and he fell in love with her at first sight. Cumin, renamed Mona once we adopted her,...

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Chica the Pit Bull

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Are you an active person looking for the perfect dog companion to complement your lifestyle? Someone to jog with you in the morning, play a game of fetch in the afternoon, snuggle up on the couch after dinner and give goodnight kisses at bedtime? Chica is your girl! This 3-year-old pitbull mix is full of life and personality. Always eager to please, Chica is obeys commands on and off the leash, is housebroken and crate trained. Despite this she must be in an experienced home without other pets or young children. Pulled from “death row” at NYC Animal Care and Control in 2011, Chica...

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Lady Jane the Head Tilt Kitty

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Lady Jane was rescued from the streets during the summer of 2012 in terrible shape — skin and bones, persistent respiratory infection, a severe head tilt and very shy. Her medical issues were addressed but the underlying cause for her head tilt remains a mystery; she may have suffered trauma resulting in neurological impairment during her troubled past. Lady Jane has come a long way since her rescue and while she is still fearful of strangers, once she warms up to you she will purr and give kisses. If you would like to learn more about or meet Lady Jane, please fill out the Adoption...

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