Blackie’s Rescue

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On an evening in late July, a woman was walking her dogs near a park in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Her dogs started sniffing and barking, and led her to a mound of black fur trying to crawl off the sidewalk and in under under a bush at the edge of the park. Upon closer look, she could see that it was a tiny kitten. The kitten was only 7 weeks old at the time. The woman brought the kitten home to see how she could help. She found that he was covered in flees and had a horrible case of worms. Even worse, both of his hind legs were severely broken. She named the little guy Blackie, and that was the name he kept during his recovery.

Blackie dragging his back legs when first rescued (top) and fully recovered in his forever home (bottom)

Distraught and not knowing what to do, the woman told a co-worker about the little injured kitten she had just rescued. As luck would have it, this co-worker was roommates with one of our volunteers here at For Animals. He immediately put her in touch with us. Thanks to the wonderful Dr. Holloway and Dr. Silverman at Prospect Park Animal Clinic who agreed to work with our rescue, this little broken boy began his journey to recovery.

Xrays revealed that both femurs in Blackie’s back legs were badly broken and his pelvis was fractured. In addition to flees and intestinal worms, he also had a terrible case of ringworm. Dr. Holloway first pinned one leg and allowed it to heal, before performing a femoral head ostectomy on the other leg. Despite spending nearly three months at the vet, this little kitten remained the sweetest little love-bug during his recovery. He purred on touch and always scooted forward for chin rubs whenever a volunteer would visit. It was clear that he was patiently waiting for someone to take him home. Finally, in late October, a family from Park Slope decided to foster the kitten. After just two nights, they decided to make it official and adopt the little survivor. They named him Franklin.

With lots of love and play therapy, Franklin began to put weight on his back legs again. Within a few weeks, he started to run and jump. He also started to venture out from under the bed to play with his three kitty siblings. Today, little Franklin is walking on all four legs! He lives like a king and happily chases his siblings around the apartment all day long. Each night, he curls up on his mom’s pillow and sleeps soundly. Our little miracle kitten has finally found his way home, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

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