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A “Tail” of Two Kitties—Ginger and Una

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We found them in a garage during the summer as we worked on trapping a feral colony in South Jamaica. When the neighbors saw us trapping, they approached us and told us there was a dead cat in their garage and some kittens. We went to investigate and found three tiny kittens with their eyes sealed shut from infection. We took the babies and set a trap for the mom, whom we now realized was not dead but was most likely in very bad health. We also left a trap set overnight…just in case there were other kittens. Turns out, this was a good idea. Two days later, the homeowner called to let us...

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A Chance Encounter

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By John Deal I teach at a school that gives a long four-day weekend for the Rosh Hashanah holiday, and I came back to work this year on the following Monday rested and ready to grade papers. I didn’t expect my colleagues to come rushing into our shared office, faces stark, saying only that there was a “kitten emergency” that I’d better come check out. The kitten emergency turned out to be a fluffy little orange tabby stuck deep down at the bottom of a trash can, right outside the academic building where my office is located. Actually, this kitten wasn’t quite so fluffy: it had...

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