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What’s in a Name?

Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Holiday Stories 2014 | Comments Off on What’s in a Name?

A Star-Crossed Stray Finds Love At Last by John Deal What’s in a Name? If the number of pet names a cat acquires is a mark of how well-loved he or she is, then our cats are positively smothering in verbal affection. As evidence for this proposition, allow me to introduce you to our newest family member: Olivia Tusca, more colloquially known as O.T., or Livie Tuskie, or Livie, or Cookie Puss, or Cookie, or Cooktapus, or Cooks, or even Bobsled Baby. To be honest, however, I mostly think of her as The Cat Who Lived, a miracle baby whose story seems appropriate to tell this time of...

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A Tribute to Bruno

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“Tut, Never Fear Me: I Am as Vigilant as a Cat to Steal Cream” Although I was never fortunate enough to know him very well, Bruno always reminded me of Shakespeare’s magnificent, roistering knight Sir John Falstaff. Like Falstaff, Bruno had a tremendous appetite for all the good things in life: a deep bowl of meaty kibble, a soft and welcoming lap, and the smell of earth-thaw and melting ice when spring finally rolled round the shelter once more. Though scrawny and beat-up when rescued by For Animals five years ago, Bruno quickly discovered the joys of ready dry food and...

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Home for the Holidays

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A Journey From Street Cats to Lap Cats New York, New York–Frank Sinatra tells us that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. While this may be true for many, some of the shine comes off the Big Apple when you are forced to call the cold, lonely streets of Brooklyn home. That’s exactly what a rough-and-tumble pair of streets cats, Brooklyn and Walter, were forced to do for almost ten years. In mid-2013 the boys finally caught a break when their caretaker of many years chanced to meet a volunteer at For Animals, Inc. Though allergic to cats, the caretaker, whose efforts...

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Laffy Taffy’s Story

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Laffy Taffy and her siblings were rescued by For Animals about 5 years ago. All her brothers and sisters were adopted, except her. She had an allergy and skin problems, and maybe didn’t look as sweet and beautiful as the rest of the kittens. Or maybe, she was just waiting for me… to come from a far away country and meet a For Animals volunteer so I could become a volunteer myself, visit the shelter and finally meet Laffy Taffy. Her name was Barbara, but I was calling her Laffy Taffy, like the Wonka candies. Laffy didn’t let me come close to her for a long time. I would just sit...

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Mona and Hazel’s Story

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As a For Animals volunteer, one of my favorite jobs is working an adoption event. Sometimes we show kitties who haven’t been named yet, and I love christening them with fun and creative names. As I was setting up for an event in October 2011, out of the carrier came three little kittens. I named the tuxedos Salt and Pepper, and the little tortie Cumin. Salt and Pepper were quickly adopted that day; little Cumin, however, was very shy and needed a lot of cuddles. I emailed a photo of her to my husband and he fell in love with her at first sight. Cumin, renamed Mona once we adopted her,...

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