Working Cats

Our Program

For Animals has many cats available for placement as barn, stable, warehouse or store cats. Feral cats (not socialized to humans) are an excellent natural, non-toxic pest and rodent control outdoors; friendly or semi-social cats can do the same for stores and warehouses.

All of our working cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated prior to placement.

How It Works

We screen our working cats’ “homes” just as rigorously as we do for our companion cats. But a working cat has different needs and homes must meet different requirements.

  • Working cats must be confined to their new space for 3 weeks. For Animals rents out confinement pens for this purpose.
  • Shelter must be provided at all times, ensuring the working cats can escape from the elements in any season. For Animals will provide a quality shelter for an additional fee.
  • Working cats cannot be expected to survive on their hunting catches. Adequate food and fresh water must be provided daily; the cats’ natural instinct to hunt will get the “job” done.
  • Two working cats are better than one! We place our working cats in pairs for companionship.

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  1. Working Cat Questionnaire

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