TNR: Trap-Neuter-Return as a form of feral cat management

When a colony of feral cats is identified, each cat is trapped and transported to a holding facility where they are cared for prior to surgery. All cats in a colony must be altered in order for TNR to be effective.

Partnerships with local vets and mobile spay/neuter clinics allow us to perform 25 or more surgeries at once – typically representing two or more colonies. While under anesthesia the cats are altered, vaccinated, treated for fleas and eartipped. Eartipping is the practice of removing the tip of the cat’s left ear, signifying to others that the cat has been altered.

After being altered, feral cats are returned to the colony where they were trapped. These cats can then live out their lives without reproducing. A caretaker provides the cats with food, water and shelter.

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