Awareness: Changing perceptions about homeless animals

Every rescue and every adoption provides us with an opportunity to educate members of the public about feral cats, TNR, and animal overpopulation. When trapping feral cats we explain to the community that TNR is a humane alternative to eradication, and that nuisances such as fighting and mating calls will be eliminated when the cats are returned to their colonies. Each of our adoptable cats comes with a unique story of their rescue that is passed on to the adopter so they understand that cats living on the streets are victims of human cruelty and deserving of permanent homes.

As we educate the public, our network of individuals identifying feral cats grows. While we, as one organization, cannot assist in every situation we learn about, we make every effort possible to connect those who can help with those who need help, calling upon our network of TNR, rescue and foster groups to step in when needed.

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